Our Story

Hey there! We're located in the awesome Washington D.C. area. It's a super cool place with beautiful scenery and a really artsy vibe. We love nature and art, and that's what inspires our creative work. You know those times when you go fruit picking? Well, that's what inspired our fruit-themed jewelry. And who can forget the mesmerizing water lilies in Monet's paintings? They served as the muse for our exquisite lotus flower earrings!

When it comes to crafting jewelry, we thrive on thinking outside the box. Our flower in the rain design combines sterling silver or gold with natural crystal, creating a dazzling effect reminiscent of raindrops reflecting light.  We refuse to limit our imagination to the usual metals and gemstones; instead, we are constantly innovating new techniques to create pieces that are truly unique. Our goal is to push boundaries and craft jewelry that is both innovative and expressive. Join us on this exciting journey of creativity and self-expression!